The Reasons You Need a Brand Promise

Your business may be well-established or new, could have thousands of customers or a few and may be making you millions or nothing yet. But whatever state your firm is in, there’s one thing you share: the need to create a brand.

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Whether a huge company or one-person business, the need for a brand has never been more important.

Every company needs an eye-catching and well-run website, plus a presence on social media, if they are to compete with everyone else. And building a brand is an essential part of this strategy.

One thing you may not have heard much about, however, is the need to formulate – and stick to – a brand promise.

What Is a Brand Promise?

A brand promise is literally that: a promise that you, as the company owner, make to clients, customers and staff.

It is easier, maybe, to explain what it is not. It isn’t a slogan or part of your logo. It is not a selling point. And it’s most definitely not part of your advertising.

Instead, it is something ingrained in your company’s philosophy, strategy and beliefs. What your actual brand promise is will depend on what your business does, who your customers are and what your aims are for growth and development. Your brand promise should be an integral part of your firm’s core beliefs, highlighting exactly what your business aims for and what its beliefs are.

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And it’s important to make sure it’s a promise you can deliver. According to Branding Strategy Insider, if your business doesn’t stick to its promise, your customers will eventually desert you.

Why Do You Need One?

People of all ages and from all walks of life like dealing with brands they can trust. A brand promise can help build customer loyalty, allowing clients to use your services or buy your goods in the knowledge you are living up to certain standards.

Having a brand promise builds trust from employees and potential business partners, too, as they know they work for a company which delivers what it believes in.

If you are struggling coming up with an appropriate brand promise, you may want to consult a brand and strategy innovation agency such as

Your customers will thank you for it – and so, in time, will your accountant.