Thinking of renting a van? What you need to know

People are often nervous about renting a van, perhaps worried about the cost or whether it would be difficult to drive.

Who can drive a van?

The legal bit – any adult with a UK driving licence category B can drive a car or van of a weight no bigger than 3500kg that carries a maximum of eight passengers. For Van Hire Southend, visit a site like Steve’s Self Drive, a provider of Van Hire Southend.

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Is it difficult to drive a van?

These days, driving vans are really similar to private cars, with the usual dashboards, gadgets, gearshift and power steering, so they do not feel that different. The only thing is that they are bigger so if you have not driven one before, you might want to practice in the car park for a few minutes to get familiar with a higher driving position, mirrors and the width and length of the van.

You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with all the controls, including wipers, lights etc. as they might not be where you’ll find them in your own car.

Then when you’re out on the road driving, just remember that when overtaking or manoeuvring, you will need to allow a little more space than you’re used to. The extra weight on the back will make cornering feel a little different too.

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Filling up your hire van

Vans do consume a little more fuel than the average car, but even so, a full tank is usually sufficient for most local moves. Keep an eye on the fuel gauge though if you are travelling further or making multiple trips.