Three Problems with Drains in the Summer

In the summer we can all spend more time outdoors enjoying ourselves. The sun coming out allows us to go and spend time outdoors, at the beach or in the woods, and we can have friends round to enjoy barbecues and garden parties. But something that can spoil the summer a little bit is some of these problems with drains that the hot weather can cause…

Shower Drain Blockages – Spending the day at the beach is something that we all love to do when the sun comes out. However, when we do this and we come home, we obviously want to wash all of that sand off. Doing this can be bad news for your shower drains as all the sand and stones from the beach get washed down there which can create blockages within the drains. This is something that will then cause your shower to be slow draining, leaving you standing in a pool of water as you shower! A good way around this is to use the taps and showers that can be found at most beaches and wash as much of the sand off you there as possible.

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Pipes Damaged by the Sun – If you have pipes outdoors which are made out of plastic, the heat of the sun can cause them to warp and crack over time, particularly during a very long hot spell of weather. This is not just the case for pipes that are above ground level either – when the ground dries out this can also affect the pipes underground as well. Something that could help is to get a professional like this drain lining company to come and look at your drains and check that all is well both above and below ground level.

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Drain Blockages – In the summer this can be a particularly unpleasant problem, as it can cause a bad smell. When you are spending time outdoors in the sunshine, it is not something that you really want to have to deal with! These sorts of problems are caused by scraps of food and oil going down through your pipes which eventually causes them to block. A good way to prevent this is to make sure that all food bits are binned rather than rinsed off plates, and oil is drained off and put in the bin.