Top 6 professions and their corporate uniforms

Given below are the top six professions with their corporate uniforms for a better understanding. The man force at total image has been providing clients services for uniforms as per their requirement.

  1. The medical profession: This prestigious profession requires doctors, nurses as well as staffs to dress in particular uniforms, also called medical scrubs. All of these uniforms have the same underlying purpose-to instill comfort, sanitation as well as protection from work hazards. Yet, this does not necessarily mean that medical staff is burdened with mind-numbing and monotonous wear. In fact the uniforms can be tailored and trimmed to fit the body in particular contours and also comes with a certain extent of customized patterns and designs. Uniforms comprise of cell-phone pants, wide-leg drawstring pants, operation suits, tunics, jacket lab wear, and as well suitable head gear. Not only are they crisp and wrinkle-resistant but also stain-resilient. In short these uniforms are ideal for daily wear.
  1. The lawyer: A corporate uniform should be such that speaks volumes about the professions and is highly discernible, so that the person adorning it can be easily recognized and identified as belonging to the particular profession. The lawyer’s uniform is something like this. It has carried a legacy of its own and remains untarnished by the time or distance. Irrespective of geographical barriers and ethnic differences, this uniform with its characteristic black cloak, coat and white shirt has remained unchallenged among lawyers all over the world. Obviously there is a great deal of symbolism associated with this, as the colour black symbolizes the irony and failure of justice to vent itself to all members of the society, while the word ‘uniform’ itself stems from unity.
  2. The entrepreneur: Corporate uniforms have come into the modern scenario and gained so much hype because of the rising popularity of this profession. Any kind of business league demands adequate uniform which not only lends a good impression of the individual but also exudes class and elegance. For the leading and aspiring businessmen and businesswomen, corporate wear have come in several forms, though there lie some restriction in the colour palette choice. Few examples are tweed jackets, slim fit pants, neck tie, waist coat as well as A-line skirts for women.
  3. The air-ship controllers: Another profession which has put a strong foothold in the business industry is the air travel dealers. Several men and women enrol every year for the posts of air-hostess, cabin crew, pilot as well as flight attendants. Since they are the ones handling the customers on board and attending to their needs, dressing in an appropriate manner is primary since this it goes a long way in creating a classy reputation for the company hiring them. Some uniforms are short jackets, palm shoes, stockings, silk scarves and formal pants.
  4. The highest authority: Jobs of police duty, army officers and politicians are the most coveted ones as they are highly prestigious and provide life-long assistance and security. Thus their uniforms too should be as striking, and indeed it is so. Some notable types of uniforms include waistbands, cargo pants, and long sleeved shirts with a Teflon finish that repels soil and is apt for meeting the rigors of the profession.
  5. The hospitality people: With the advent of tourism and travel industry, hotel managers and hospitality people are in high demand as they are involved in the primary functioning and management of hotels. Their uniform is characteristic of their profession as it exudes and air of perfection and sanity.