Two Important Aspects to Consider To Get Hold Of Accurate Bounce Rate

The primary objective of an online business is to receive as much traffic as it can, but this traffic is no good for the business, if the visitors do not make a purchase, or perform any other activity offered by the business on its website.

Bounce Rate:

Businesses who indulge in web marketing are extremely conscious about the bounce rate. Bounce rate is the number of visitors who visit a particular website, and then entirely leave it without making any kind of a purchase related action.

If you are a business selling some product or service, then you want visitors to stay on the website, shop, or either signup for a service.

However, when calculating bounce rate, most of the businesses ignore or exclude a few factors. The primary factors, which a web marketing company should consider to get hold of an accurate bounce rate, are discussed below.

1. Tracking of Customer Service:

If you are a business that sells products, and if a customer of yours wants to find after sales service or product related material on your website, then he would visit the website. This visiting of website and finding after sales information like instruction manual is one of the things that gets ignored in bounce rate. The process is explained below:

  • A customer visits the website where he can find information about all the products on a single page, all the products are alphabetically arranged, so the customer can find the product of his desire.
  • The web analytics do not track the PDF manuals a customer downloads, because the JavaScript code executed by the browser only remains in the browser and does not apply on the PDF documents.
  • web marketing company can place the JavaScript snippet in the anchor tag of the PDF download link. This way you will be able to track all your on-page activity.

Therefore, if you can tag and better track your on-page activity or documents download, then you will get a whole new and different picture of your bounce rate.

2. Dissemination of General Information:

The other thing which most of the web masters fail to incorporate in their bounce rate is the general information, which a visitor gets from the website.

For instance, if a user visits your website to find your contact information, and he gets it from your page and leaves, this in analytics would be considered as a bounce, whereas, in reality the user got what he came for.

By using segmentation on your website, you can see the areas from where the visitors bounced, thus you would get a better idea whether it was a bounce, or the visitor was satisfied.


In short, by applying JavaScript on your on-page, and by applying segmentation to your website, you can get a better and real picture of your bounce rate.