Use Anabolics With A High Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio Carefully

Some man-made anabolics for weight loss are similar to those that occur naturally such as testosterone. In addition, such health booster drugs have been found to be effective in treating conditions such as hereditary angioedema and anemia. However, if you are not careful enough to use the ones with a high anabolic/androgenic ratio carefully, they can have severe side-effects.

What is an anabolic/androgenic ratio?

In an anabolic/androgenic ratio, the anabolic aspect of the ratio stands for the promotion of the growth of cells, whereas the androgenic aspect of the ratio stands for the effect the anabolic will have on the development and maintenance of masculine characteristics in a person. Some instances of androgenic effects on a person include the sebaceous oil gland production, pubertal growth, the growth of the clitoris in women, increased size of the vocal cords in women, increased growth of androgen-sensitive hair, the suppression of natural sex hormones, and the like. On the other hand, anabolic effects include increased appetite, increased bone growth and remodelling, stimulation of the bone marrow and an increased synthesis of proteins from the amino acids.

The best anabolic cycle information

Though some health booster drugs are known to enhance the ability of the body to produce red blood cells and in case of certain medical conditions, they are used primarily by bodybuilders and those that want to lose weight today. The anabolics are available both in the form of tablets as well as injections. You should take the injectable form intramuscularly in doses of not more than 25 to 50 milligrams per day. The oral form of the anabolics should not be taken in more than 10 to 25 milligrams per day. The fitness booster drugs can, however, be purchased from drugstores, even though you may need the prescription of a physician before you can buy them.

The results of the anabolic cycle

The ability of the fitness booster drugs to generate more red blood cells is what makes them indispensable to athletes and bodybuilders alike. Bodybuilders require more oxygen to be circulated in the body, and only red blood cells can do that. Each red blood cell transports oxygen to the different muscles in the body. Moreover, some anabolics do not let water be retained in the body, which is again invaluable for both athletes, as well as fitness freaks. Many health booster drugs encourage the retention of water. However, some do not, and that is what will help those who are interested in becoming fit by losing weight.

Why be careful while using an anabolic with a high anabolic/androgenic ratio

Some drugs have a high Androgenic. This could imply that the anabolic effects will be higher in them as compared to the androgenic effects. If you are not careful, then consuming the anabolics could result in increased appetite, leading to an increase in the number of calories in the body, and this will add to your weight. Eventually, your weight loss goals will be compromised, if you do not take the health booster drugs in the right doses.