What are the different battery types available for your car?

When driving around, people generally have other things on their mind than the battery in their vehicle, unless of course you have to call in a Car Recovery Swindon company to help when you car refuses to go.  However, that battery is absolutely essential for ensuring that your car starts easily each time you get in it. The battery takes care of the music system, the lights, the windscreen wipers and many other functions. The lifespan of the battery is not indefinite, and eventually you’ll need to get a new one. Keep in mind there is more than one type available.

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Short-burst batteries

This covers the majority of car batteries. These are responsible for starting, lighting and ignition, and they are known as SLI batteries. SLI batteries are a source of power for the radio, lights and getting the car to start. These batteries have what is described as a shallow charging cycle, and they provide power in quick bursts.

Wet and dry

Wet Cell Batteries contain an electrolyte solution that is the source of their power, and they may need the electrolytes to be topped up. They are also known as flooded batteries. Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (or VRLA) batteries are sealed and designed to require little maintenance. When they wear out, they are replaced.

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Deep charge

Another type of battery is the Deep Cycle variety. This battery is suited to prolonged use, and these are often found in golf carts, marine vehicles, or battery-operated recreation vehicles.
The Lithium-Ion Battery cannot be used with conventional automobiles; these are generally found in electric or hybrid vehicles. This battery can store a lot more power and weigh much less than the VRLA type of battery. According to a report in The Guardian, all cars made by Volvo will be hybrid or electric by 2019.

It is extremely important to select the type of battery that suits your car best. If you want to find out more about the range of car batteries available and what your car needs, consider consulting experts who can give you helpful suggestions and advice.

Batteries are critical to the smooth operation of your car. Don’t wait until you are stranded with a vehicle that will not start. Familiarise yourself today with the kind of battery that your car requires to ensure that you continue to enjoy uninterrupted motoring.