Why a Tiny Puppy as a Pet

Gone are the days when the tough guys flaunting their tough huge dogs were in until it is for security measures. Today people are more on for something cute, adorable and tiny dogs as pets and here are the trend of teacup puppies recently in the news. Teacup puppies are not a new breed of dogs, in fact, it is the adjective used for these dogs for their size so small that they can be placed comfortably in a teacup. These adorable puppies have earned huge popularity and demand lately and the litter houses are headed to the breeding the best possible for them.

Some of us naturally like small cute puppies as a pet and many of us would like to have a smaller dog as a pet for the size factor itself. Today, when many of us have started living in smaller apartments and less of space around a part of that size, will just do the justice to the desire of having one. Indeed a cute little well-trained puppy of that size can conveniently go for a nap over his cousin kept at any corner of your house. Usually, they are not much fond of going for a walk, as for their smaller size they tend to get tired easily. Hence they will not bother you to take them to walk regularly either. These dogs are usually fonder of staying indoors couching themselves comfortably and playing with you whenever you have some time for them. They are such comfortable bundles to be carried to wherever you wish to such as shopping, meeting a friend and even a social party because the most of the space they is in your vanity bag or at the most the 1 to 2-pound weight on your palm.

Small puppies and a status symbol and fashion trend too late, hence such puppies are relatively a little more expensive than the usual ones. But surely you will not regret to pay the extra bit when later you rightly discover that you really do not have to take much extra effort for your tiny pet towards the babysitting for it. All you have to provide it is the similar comfort and hygiene you will need for yourself. Provided you are regular with its regular monthly check-up, pedigree followed the diet and healthy lifestyle you will enjoy a great time with this new friend of yours.