Why SEO must be continuous to work

When it comes to SEO, some business owners believe that they only need to spend money once on a web design plan. After all, they will have an SEO optimised website, so why do they need to do anything else?

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In reality, it is very important to regularly update your SEO, especially if you want to draw in new users. Here is why SEO must be continuous to work.

The importance of SEO

If you don’t know much about SEO and you are a business owner, you are not alone. A recent survey found that around 20 per cent of small businesses do not have an online presence and nearly 60 per cent of small businesses do not have money allocated for SEO services; therefore, lots of business owners do not understand SEO!

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If you want your business to succeed online, however, it is essential to have a monthly SEO budget. Many business owners want to save money by paying for a one-off SEO campaign, but this will quickly become out-dated and will not draw in new customers.

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The changing face of SEO

Why does SEO become outdated? This is because SEO is constantly changing and developing, so old models will quickly fall out of fashion. This is mostly because Google frequently updates its algorithms to stop spam websites appearing on the first page; in fact, a recent employee from Google stated that the company updates its algorithm up to 400 times a year! If you want to have a strong online presence, you will need to regularly update the SEO on your website.

The most successful SEO campaigns are continuous campaigns that are updated on a monthly or weekly basis. This will ensure you are keeping up with the competition – or even beating the competition! – and will be able to reach new internet users who could become potential customers.

In conclusion, a strong SEO is essential for any business that wants to have an online presence. If the internet is the main way you connect with new customers, make sure you have a continuous, solid SEO plan that is frequently updated.