Yoga Studios for Health Fitness and Fun

Yoga is a discipline that is intended to sync mind, body, and spirit, and methods and poses are innumerous and it’s easy to get lost before you begin. Before you start any class, do your homework. Do you want to tone up and get fit? Is losing weight your primary goal or is socializing? Do you like fast and intense or slow and soothing? Originating in earliest India, the goal of performing Yoga was obtaining perfect tranquility, so if you are looking for more than tranquility, figure it out before you commit to a yoga class.

Hatha Yoga is suggested for novices. Hatha is a term that translates into a gentler paced class where all the basic poses will be learned. Hatha focuses on basic poses and gentle movements. It isn’t advanced or fast paced. Hatha is a class to get the basics down and learn the fundamental poses and methods you need before trying another class. Numerous studios offer Hatha classes and it might be a great place to learn with other beginners.

Once you master Hatha, move on to other types such as Vinyasa. Yinyasa is also a general term that just means breath synchronized movement. It’s a more vigorous routine that encompasses poses like Sun Salutations moving on into intense stretching.

Ashtanga is a swift moving and intense style of yoga. Ashtanga translates into “eight limbs”. It’s a very physical flow of one movement into the next movement, and is what “power yoga” was built on. Kundalini is a method of yoga where concentrating your breath (or “prana”) on the postures posed is emphasized. The focus is also on moving energy from the lower body upwards.

To find the yoga studio most suited for you, go online and type in your zip code with “yoga studio”. You’ll find Bikram to Viniyoga, Anusara to Jivamukti, Kripalu to Forrest, even dance yoga classes, so be prepared and pull up the websites and read about the classes they offer. Start with Hatha and move up to the class that best suits your taste.

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