Your Home’s Curb Appeal And How To Keep It Great

You may have read a lot about maintaining, improving, and designing the curb appeal of a house. But have you also realized why you need to keep your curb appeal great? Well, the curb appeal must always be great because, it can increase or decrease your house’s value. Believe it or not, the curb appeal of your house speaks to your potential buyers. If it doesn’t look good, your house won’t simply sell.

There are more reasons why the curb appeal is important, but let’s go to another question: If you have read a lot about curb appeal, have you been applying some of the things you have learned? If your answer is no, you have a problem. The hard truth is, nothing significant will happen to your curb appeal and not many potential buyers will come impressed with your house if you don’t invest time, energy, and effort working on it. So refresh yourself with these simple and practical pointers—which you may have probably encountered already—on how you can make your house forever looking stunning from the outside. And please, put these things into action this time.

Take a Shot!

When you are attempting to sell your house, you would most probably be announcing the sale over the Internet. Of course, you have to post pictures of your house, especially the facade. If your curb appeal isn’t that impressive, don’t expect an influx of inquiries flooding your email. So before you even think of announcing the sale online, make sure your house will look great on photos first. Remember: If you yourself are not happy with how your curb appeal looks, neither would other people.

The Buyer’s Perspective

This really helps a lot. Place yourself in the shoes of a buyer. You get out of your car and turn your head to the house you are considering to buy. Of course, the first thing you see is the facade—the curb appeal. Then you ask yourself this question, “Do I want to live in this house?” If the buyer in you is not convinced, then it’s an obvious sign that you need to do something about your house’s curb appeal. The next thing to do then is to list down everything that you’re not happy with regarding your house’s exterior. Take some time to create a plan on improving them and be determined to finish the work.


In most cases, updates are necessary to keep your house’s curb appeal always looking great. The following often needs some modifying: the front door, lawn, garden, sidings, exterior paint, and the front porch. Actually, there’s another one that most homeowners often forget about—the roof. You may not realize it but your house’s roof plays a significant role in improving or ruining your house’s curb appeal. So don’t forget to look up.

‘I Thought You Have a Garage.’

Do you know that a car parked outside your house’s garage can make a potential buyer lose interest in buying your house? He or she could thinks that there isn’t enough space in the garage to keep the car. Well, this may be a minor concern but here’s the point: a clean, clear, open and refreshing view of your house (which your curb appeal is responsible for) can do a lot to get that potential buyer fall in love with your house.