How your Central Heating Works

We are fortunate to live in a world where when the weather turns cooler, we simply flick a switch to keep our homes warm. Most of the time we never give a second thought to our central heating systems, and when they break down, we simply call a professional such as this boiler repair Cheltenham based company HPR services and get it sorted out!


Here is a brief guide to the parts of your heating and how it works to keep you warm and snug in the winter…


The Boiler – The heart of the central heating, the boiler is the place where it all starts from. A boiler heats up water, which is then pumped through a network of pipes around your home. The hot water enters the radiators which then heat up to warm your room.

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Thermostat in Room – You will find this on a wall in a room in your home. It is used to control the temperature of your home. It has sensors that can detect the air temperature around it and respond by sending a signal to the pump to tell it to start pumping water to the radiators if the temperature needs to be increased.

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Radiator Valves – These control the temperatures of individual radiators, so are handy for controlling the temperature in the home according to the room – for example, many people like to keep the bedroom cool for sleeping. A valve in the radiator responds to the turn of the thermostat on the side of the radiator, so will shut of f the water to the radiator when the correct temperature has been reached.