Make Sure that your Laboratory Move is a Success

Moving to a new workplace can always pose a lot of problems and cause stress, but when handled well it doesn’t need to be like this! The key to a successful move is good planning, and one of the most challenging workplaces to move is a laboratory – as well as the usual moving hurdles to overcome, there is also the inclusion of a lot of sensitive equipment, often hazardous materials and live specimens that need to be moved, a lot of which needs to be kept in very specific conditions.

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For this reason, many people choose to use a professional laboratory relocation company such as to help with the movement of these tricky items. But if you are planning a move of laboratory in the future, there are lots of ways that you can ensure that the move is a success.


Planning is the key thing here – as early as you can, make arrangements to visit the new place that you will be moving to and work out where everything will go. It helps to draw up a plan so that everyone can see at a glance the layout of the new lab and equipment can all be placed correctly on moving day.


Communicate plans to all staff involved – they can help to do things such as tagging equipment and making sure that everything is prepped ready for the move.

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It is important that safety procedures are followed so go through the items that you will be moving and make sure that everyone is aware of the correct safety guidelines, as well as making sure that everything is moved in a way that does not compromise any work being done.