17 tricks to get Spotify to the maximum

Spotify is one of the leading platforms in the field of streaming music and one of the few large following daring to publicize their free form without worrying about affecting the growth of payment. We are so accustomed to its application that it is possible some have conformed us to use it in a basic … [Read more…]

The night is ours tormented generation

Everyone likes a happy conclusion of a movie, a book end and, of course, a good game. The people prefer, the typical idyllic outcome, boy saves girl, by the way kills the bad guys and others. For tragedies and sad endings already own lives and daily news.

I played 10 hours Dark Souls III and this is what I found

Since amended it my mistake last year to delve fully into the saga ‘Dark Souls’, I have not stopped counting the days until they put a sale ‘Dark Souls III’ .According to its director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, it is the grand finale of the series and after him, From Software will with other things.

Deep Learning: What it is and why it will be a key technology in the future of artificial intelligence?

Since the 50s of the last century and until a few years ago the usual field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was mostly advanced research laboratory and science fiction. Except for a few cases, almost all systems with human – like intelligence have appeared in futuristic movies or works such as Isaac Asimov. However, this scenario … [Read more…]

Why choose an SSD for my computer?

A laptop or desktop count on our SSDs is something that aspires to who wants superior performance and fluidity to your computer. Knowing how to run an SSD and What to look for in assessing whether a potential purchase is appropriate or not for your computer or storage system is key to a successful experience … [Read more…]